Hilsen fra Alyssa og Emma!

Alyssa og Emma takker for tiden i Arna Bjørnar !

Vi har fått følgende hilsen fra vår eminente keeper gjennom 2 sesonger - Alyssa Gianetti som vi gjengir her:

I wanted to start off by thanking the whole Arna-Bjørnar organization. It was very hard to make the decision to leave the team, but it is time for me to move on so I can complete my education and continue to advance my football career. The fans, supporters, coaches, staff, and players helped make these two years with Arna-Bjørnar such an incredible experience. Ever since my first day as a member of the club, I felt so welcomed and was quickly apart of the AB family. I did not know what to expect when I got on the plane to Bergen, but it was more than I could have ever hoped for. Bergen became my home (far) away from home and I am so grateful for the opportunity to live and do what I love in such an amazing place. The team is so incredibly talented and training with the girls and coaches on a daily basis helped me improve immensely as a goalkeeper. These girls are not only extremely talented on the pitch, but they are even better people with hearts of gold. I wish the girls and coaches the best of luck in the upcoming seasons, I'll be rooting for you. AB TIL GRESSET!


....og her er fra Emma:

My time in AB I can summerize like this:
As far as reflections go, i had an awesome time in Bergen meeting new people and getting to play a different style of soccer than what I am used to. living in a foreign country was a really good experience that helped me to grow as a person and was made much easier by being surrounded by all the awesome people working at the club!
my future plans are pretty up in the air right now, I'm planning on going home to work for a bit and take some time figuring out exactly what i want to do next.
Hello to everybody!
Klubben vil savne begge disse 2 gode fotballspillerne og positive personer og ønske dem lykke til videre, samtidig som vi håper at vi får se dem igjen!




























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